Nakamichi remote

Hi - newbie who is terrified at the depth of knowledge shown here.

But you may be able to help this simpleton.

I have a Nakamichi AV10 receiver and it's remote. This is one of the learning types, and I've done something silly...

I taught it the volume control for my TV - but dedicated the +/- vol controls of the AV10 to the tv.

Consequently, I've now lost control of the AV10 volume.

Of course, if I had another AV10 remote I could teach it the correct signal. but I don't.

Leaving the batteries out for 24 hours hasn't caused it to reset to defaults.

There must be a button combo that will reset it?

Any ideas? Oh yes, the manual....

Think it may be at the ex-wife's. Better that than my audio stuff being there though.
Juat had a reply to this from Nick, offering to dig out his manual for me. Good man.

Should have posted before. Managed to get the manual back from the ex, in return for my half of the house.

Switch to audio to fix audio, likewise to video to fix that.

Set use/learn to learn.

Press and hold CD and volume V buttons together, and hold.

When the learn led goes out, let go and you're 'good to go'.