Nakamichi MusicBank - worth repairing?

I have a Nakamichi MB-3s I bought new in 1997. At the time it sounded better than the NAD, Marantz and Denon single disc players I compared it to. But a few years later, the mechanism started to jam, but I was always able to fix it for a while. A year after that, it jammed fatally, and I boxed it and forgot about it. Since it always sounded great, I am wondering if there is any way I can salvage the unit, even as a single disc player? Are any of the parts transferrable to some other transport? (it seems the MusicBank 7 disc mechanism was a lemon... although the electronics seem good).
No, I ended up selling it on ebay for about $50. I found a Rotel on ebay for $30 which sounds quite good. Hard to say how it compares with the Nak, since it's been years since I've heard it!
It's too bad that Nak appears to have abandoned the MB owners. They could have kept some customers if they'd offered a tradeup to newer models.