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For Sale Nakamichi DAC-101 (2xTDA1541A S1 inside)

Things you have for sale.
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As stated in the title, I'm selling this rare Nakamichi DAC (used). It works perfectly as it should. The physical condition is about 7/10.

What makes this DAC 'special' is the chips it uses, which are two TDA1541A S1 chips (see the photos).

So, If you are looking for these chips but are concerned about getting fake ones, you may to consider buying this DAC.

This unit is gone
I still have 2 more, see post #3 => all sold!!



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Got two more units of this DAC.
The physical condition might not be as good as the first one, but the most important thing is that they still use the original TDA1541A S1 chips inside.

I've tested both units and they work perfectly.

$350/unit (shipped)



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Still available!

Because this DAC unit is quite heavy (about 2kg when packed), I'm offering the option to ship them without their aluminum casing (so only the DAC module), under these conditions, I can reduce the price to $300 (including shipping and PayPal fees). This might be a useful option for those of you who are only interested in the DAC chips itself or want to customize their appearance to better match your home HIFI equipment (this DAC was originally designed for car audio).

Just let me know!