Nakamichi CD Changer Options?

Zero Cool

Paid Member
2004-09-20 6:10 am
I have a Nakamichi TD-45Z in my car with a 6 disk CD changer. I think its the MF-31. the changer works great with store bought CD's but will not play Audio CD-r's i have made myself that play otherwise just fine in a variety of cd players and car changers.

I would like to change out the Nak Cd changer for another. Is there another Nak changer that plays CD-r's? or, I have been wondering if the 12 disc lexus changer is compatible, or could be adapted to work?


Is there anything after market that is plug and play compatible? Pioneer, sony, etc?

How about a Harddisk type MP-3 system that would plug in, in place of the CD changer and operate from the face? Like a Phat Box or Kenwood Music Keg etc??

Does anybody make Nak adapters or interfaces? Web searches have turned up nothing.