Naim Nait 1 help


I happen to have a Nait 1 and I recapped the feedback recently - pre-amp section with a better brand, and, elcheapo on the power.

Initial capping using brand#1, made the Nait 1 started to act as if it was a Class-A - using original values.

I qucikly changed to brand#2 since the Nait 1 has never run warmmish before. I then experienced a "motor boat motor" sound on one of the channels. Initial power up after recap, the bad channel had a whip like sound on the 2nd pop.

Turns out one of the caps for brand#2 was bad. Replace with another of the same brand and sounds ok now. Back to normal operating temperature as well.

Also replaced the caps within the power section. Better soundstage, depth and bass.

Before the above, the Nait sounded good but seem treble heavy. Now it is superb!