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Nagys Audio Now Stocks Speaker Coax Cable, Exact As Goldmund!!!

I now stock the SAME EXACT coax cable that Goldmund uses to make their speaker cables. I stock this in bulk. Goldmund charges anywhere between $3000-$6000 per pair depending on length, termination, and Zobel network configuration. You can terminate this cable with whatever you desire. This is a very rare military coax cable, that can operate in the multi gigahertz region. It sounds fantastic! I stock 2 different versions:

Version 1 ($10 per foot):
- Center conductor, approximately 12AWG.
- Center conductor is oxygen free, extremely high purity copper.
- Braided shield, greater than 12AWG.
- Braided shield is made of extremely high purity oxygen free copper.

Version 2 ($20 per foot):
- Exactly the same as version 1, except that this cable is also silver plated and features dual shield.