Nada 2-way Kang + Ton re-worked crossovers ...

I was just about to purchase this kit, when I read about the questionable xover design. During this research, I read where several members have re-worked the xovers for proper sound. Can anyone steer me towards any threads where this information is shared?
Okay, that's a strange response. Flowing in money? How about I worked my *** OFF to earn this $2000 to spend on DIY speakers. So no ... I am not flowing in money.
As far as the xover needing a reworking ... There is quite a lot of press which people who have heard them, are saying the xover is just not "right" yet. Seems the sound is a bit off for $2000 worth of parts. This seems to be an almost general cencus on this particular xover. Leading several people to rework and improve the xover.

is there a way to be sure that spoken words on Nada crossover are trustworthy?
If your faith in this kit is shaken, then there is not much you can do about it, I suppose.

It is not my intention to analyze this kit and I do not think much of published graphs either but in general the crossover filter is one of possible solutions. Whether it will match people's taste, I do not know. I know for a fact that 2 grand has absolutely nothing to do with the way it sounds as a package. You can change its sound significantly for 20 bucks worth of passive parts, for the better or worse.

To further clarify on my suggestion that sounded strange to you, a Bagby design "Spirit Wind" would be a safer bet, and a lifetime keeper if you can forgive relatively older drive units technology, unlike illuminator units.

Good luck with your quest.
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I have the 18U/8741T00 in a 13” 3-way. It’s crossed just below 2kHz. Anything above 2kHz results in beaming and break up modes which will cause extreme stridency and ringing. It really needs a tweeter that can handle down to 1.7kHz, like the 71000. The trade off is distortion on the tweeter if it’s crossed too low. But, the Scan-speak drivers are top-notch! I love the wide dispersion on the 71000. You might want to look into Troel’s Monitor that use the 18U and 71000. The all-pass filter sounds good, however (6) 10uF high-end film caps will be a fortune!
I don't know if you are aware but the built follow-up design of the "Nada" called "Todo". I guess if you are going to use your hard earned cash you might want to go for the latest version.
DM me and I can send you the details. Might be more expensive and is a rather big floorstander


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