NAD T973 - Recap monoblocks?


2016-01-24 1:22 pm
Hello everyone :)

Ive done my first recap on a NAD T973 on the power supply board. It had blown a 22.000uf cap and 2 of the other caps was beginning to get a little "bulge" at the top. So i tried to recap the thing myself.

It went quite fine, its working now. I recapped the power supply board with nichicon HE and PW caps, and the big ones i used Cornell Dubilier Electronics caps. The sound great btw :)

My question is:

Now that i have it all taken apart, would it be a good idea to recap the monoblocks? The money or time isnt an issue, but if it is a complete waste, then i wont do it...

Ive looked at some audio grade caps like nichicon muse, Elna Silmic II and more, but are they any better or just voodoo? The thing about the audio grade caps are also that they are almost all 85c caps, and the ones on my monoblock are 105c. All caps i changed on power supply board was btw also 105c.

Is it stupid to buy audio grade caps and can they survive at 85c? Please advice :)

When giving your advice, please suggest something that have a warm and musical sound :) Thanks


2008-02-17 1:17 pm
Same problem with my nad 973 . The power caps Was blown and som more stuffs in the power supply card. Change som parts by my self and it was working again. for 2 years There was a new part nr for the power supply card nad told med on the support. They rekomended to change hole power card it was uppdated with new spec ! But i did the cheap way and recapt it . Now 2 amp cards is blown and have to be repaird! ����