NAD Cd Player 510

I too have a 510 with the same symptom.
A friend of mine saved it from certian death curbside.
In great shape tho.
I replaced the laser assy (a sony kss model) and that didn't help.
I am also in need of the service manual if anybody has one to share or sell. Its been on the shelf now for a year or so cause I have a couple of other cdps but I would like to fix it and do some tweeking on it.
nad 510

you can buy a service manual from ,
don't know the price ,depend where you live.
maybe you could help me ,a friend of mine has 2 burns resitor in is 510 that are to damage to read, could you check and tell me there value.There are R110 and R114.
hope my info will help and that you can help