NAD C542 Repair -- Help!


2007-04-16 8:34 pm
I am replacing the laser in my NAD C542. I have been using the instructions provided from another post on here, which has been very helpful. All seemed to be going well until I put it all back together and powered it up. Nothing happened. The part of the mechanism that lifts and then spins the CD is just sitting there. I can see that when I remove the laser chassis, I can see that the gears on the drawer (which works fine) are supposed to engage the "control cam" which in turn lifts the laser chassis upwards to engage the CD. The "control cam" is not being engaged by the drawer gears. I could get a better look at the gears IF I could remove the cd tray, but I cannot seem to figure out if that's possible. I need help! I don't wanna toss this player in the trash! Thanks! I am attaching the repair manual for this if anyone would like to take a look. Thanks.