NAD 5220 - ok or too old?

I'm looking at an NAD 5220, which I think dates from the mid to late 80s. Is this unit considered too old to be worth improving upon? Are NADs receptive to mods at all? I couldn't find much on a search here.
NAD 5220 is equipped with a Sony optical pick up, model KSS-152A
Additional there are mostly ICs from Toshiba in use: TMP47C420AF-8612 (MCU)
Q305: CXK5816M (SONY 8BIT Static RAM) Q306: TC9200AF Q307: TC9201AF Q303: TA8101N
Q314: TMP4270N (NU, only marking on PCB), Q513 TD6720N Q301: TA7354P Q310-313: TA8102P Q308: NJM3403ADC (JRC)
Q505: TC9154P (NU, only marking on PCB)

In the moment I need a new optical pickup. Which supplier can offer me a good quality of the KSS152A?
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NAD equipment on the whole is pretty naff. You can get reasonable results with the very careful pairing of NAD with NAD but the results are not spectacular.............
but still in a sonic class, that most user's here in Germany want to use the NAD devices furthermore, particulary, if the year of manufacturing between 1985 and 1995 (e. g. NAD 5320/5325, 501, 502, 3120, 3130 and so on).
You can pick up NAD gear at Cash Convertors in UK for pennies - need I say any more.
Very interesting to know - this isn't the rule here in Germany, even in cases, where the offered NAD devices are faulty resp. defective.
Please let me know several "Cash Convertors" (I haven't heard this term until now - maybe you mean "Cash Converters") from your aera - thank you very much.
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