NAD 3240PE VERY weak right channel


2008-01-14 12:35 pm
First post, keen amateur who can solder but doesn't really know much beyond absolute basics.

So any pointers in the right direction. Just picked up a NAD 3240 at auction at a very reasonable price, only to discover that the right channel is very weak - I thought at first non-existent until I had the balance all the way right and the volume cranked up.

The unit is in excellent cosmetic condition. Virtually flawless so I am keen to try and get this working. Tried A,B, A+B speaker output combos - all the same. Ran the CD through the tuner input as well to be sure - same issue.

So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Will open it up and check the soldering around the speaker terminal etc (most basic of stating points?).