NAD 3020 problems


2002-04-22 9:13 pm
I bought an old secondhand NAD 3020 integrated amplifier. These were VERY popular a while back. There is only one problem... When I switch the amp on there is a loud scratching for between 5-15 seconds. It then is dead quiet. When you keep the power button in when switching it off it makes the same noise just much quieter. I thought this was the switch but when you switch it on at the wall directly it does the same??? Does anyone know anything bout this?
The 3020 d'ont have output relays,then in the first seconds we hear same noise.
It is essencialy ripple noise that stay the time that the filters capacitors take to charge.
this is the normal condition if you are hearing funny noises probably you may hava a problem...i hope not ;)
you my need doing some cleaning im pots e suitches...
A great mode is to conect the pot directely to the lab in...
Is a great "little" amplifier...