NAD 3020 diy preamp kit

Hi fellow diy enthusiasts,
I know the NAD 3020 has been discussed to death but searching for this diy preamp kit that is sold at various online platforms for roughly 16 Euros I didn't find any infos whatsoever so I bought one some time ago. Using the parts that came with it and powering it with a dual supply made from two separate supplies which I salvaged from two relatively powerfull LED lamps I was surprised how good it sounded...sadly a faulty interconnect cable made me think that I lost the left channel due to lack of experience when it comes to soldering so I checked and checked and resoldered so much that in the end I really did kill it as several traces had lifted etc...probly didnt help to try and install a remote control made from a NAD 705 pot and a cheap toy boat with remote...which actually worked surprisingly well but the stiff cables I used killed the solder pads eventually...anyway...1,5 years have passed and I wanted to try again as I liked the sound...maybe I went a bit over the top using all the wima and ero caps but I'm sure most of you know whats it like if you just wantyour gear to sound as good as possible at almost any cost...I'm using the same psu which probly is far from low noise psu's made for audio but nevertheless I'm impressed with the sound it delivers. As power amp I'm using a modified nobsound tpa3116 also running on a random psu from some laptop. I will test the preamp a bit more with some other power amps as soon as time allows...let's see how it does compared to a real 3020 preamp with similar parts installed.
So far I can absolutely recommend this rather cheap project which is very easy to build...if anyone is interested in further testing/info I will continue posting about this.
Bye for now