NAD 216 not coming out of protection mode

Alright so I've been just probing everything to do with that positive rail and here is some information that might help
the top of (metal top of capacitor)
C902 is measuring = -59.6V
C202 is measuring = 0.744V

I don't think its the bridge rectifier since its voltages are this
+ve =60.6V
the ac terminals = 44.5VAC
-ve =-60.6V
Probably it must be possible to detect without taking it out, to burn 10 ohm R201 there must be proper short connection somewhere in regulator. But if it is OK, it depends with what meter you check it, some meters show short also on big capacitors because charge current.
As R203 is not shorted (voltages are not same on both ends), and it is 33 times bigger than R201, then short must be between them, D204 is also candidate.
Well i think the rest of the diodes are good, fx D205 since voltage is going through fine with that then there should be no problem with D205 as far as i understand and they are all of the same 1N4003 type.
So here's what I did to test it, i started to test for short so continuity test.
With black probe on negative side of cathode it should let current pass, an audible beep as far as I understand well with D204 this isn't the case, there is no beep.
Something did not fit, D204 missing conductivity cannot burn R201. Usually multimeters have special position for measuring diodes, standard conductivity/resistance measuring did not give correct result because diode nearly constant forward voltage drop.
Is R201 burned or just broken?
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Maybe R201 just died without any short connection in +67 V regulator or had bad soldering?
Can you measure resistance from C212 and C210 plus terminals to the ground (wait longer time to charge capacitors), is it about same as from C213 and C211 minus terminals to the ground when mulitmeter leads are flipped and R202 disconnected from circuit? If about same, had you any 200-300 ohm resistor to replace R201 temporarily, with so big value because this help to avoid big short connection current if short still exist in regulator.
Measure C212 and C210 resistance Both 4.4Mohms
Desolder R202 and measure C213 and C211 with leads flipped, black on minus terminals of capacitors and red on ground.
Both 4.35Mohms

I do not have a 200-300ohm Resistor i can change R201 out with the only one i have is a 5.6kohm resistor