Mystery Tymphany driver

On the main page there is a picture of what looks like a bass driver with a 'cog' like phase plug - except there is no info on the site for this driver, or at least I cannot find it at all... anyone know what model it is??

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I think I've wondered about that before as well. I can tell you a bit of info just from looking at it...
*the motor is an inverted type, in front of the cone, neodymium.
*cog is a heatsink for the Neo magnet.
*you can see the voice coil in the picture so it has forward motion into the gap, and rearward out of it.

It reminds me a lot of the late 90's 'Illusion Audio' drivers, which, IIRC, were made with Acoustic Research affiliation somehow.

I've wondered if it was up for sale as well...