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For Sale MyRef Amp, 2 PCBs and Parts for 1

Things you have for sale.
For sale are 2 unassembled MyrRef amp PCBs. The boards are version 1.05 circa May 2013. I only have parts for 1 board. As can be seen in the photos, I'm including all the parts I originally purchased from Mouser, and I'm reasonably confident most of the parts (99%) are there. The parts have been organized by type in individual plastic bags. The parts bags may include more parts than required. I did not go back and open every bag and count the parts. There may be a part or 2 missing, so please don't hold that a against me. :)

This sale is for the amp PCBs and parts for 1 only as pictured.

I'm asking $125.00 for everything as shown in the photos via Paypal, with free Priority Mail shipping in the US only.

Please PM me if you're interested and want more detail.



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