My Woden Valiant(s)

Well guys, I just finished up my first Valiant. I decided to finish one of them up completely, and then finish the second one later as I find more time.

Last year I decided to take on my first hifi speaker project. I looked around for a while and finally decided on the Fostex Fe126En. Doing some further reading, I came across the EnABL process and decided to give it a whirl. Not exactly sure if it worked or not, and I'm new to the hifi game, so I doubt I'd be able to tell anyway.

Originally, I was just going to build the suggested hybrid design for the 126, but a colleague of mine recommended finding something else. I looked at the Bk12 for a long time, and decided that wasn't big enough. I'm the kind of person that has to go over the top on stuff or else I'm not impressed with myself. Well, I'm not sure how, but I stumbled upon Scott's Woden design stuff and decided to build the Valiants. Instead of using MDF and vaneer, I decided that a speaker of this magnitude would be a good candidate for a nice looking hardwood. At a local molding dealer in Cambridge, MA, I found a hardwood from Africa called sapele. (pronounced suh-pee-lee) Expensive stuff, and already in deep, the rest is history.

BTW, I'm restoring a 1968 Datsun Roadster at the same time as building these speakers, so there has been some delay.







The finished product

I realize now that I have this thing sitting in my livingroom...that I don't have any means to play music on it. I'm currently looking into either a class-A solid state, or a tube amp.
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Stunning work. :)

does anyone know why there aren't too many of these around? I've tried searching for images of them, and it seems the only pictures I can find are of the ones they did for a pilot build.

Probably a few reasons. Their size no doubt limits their appeal. The site that hosts them is not advertised, so the only way people hear of them is via word of mouth, or if they stumble across it. And the fact that there is also a charge for the plans probably puts people off too. Add these together, and you get a fairly rare speaker.
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Stormfrontier, how do they sound so far? They look stunning. Great craftsmanship.

Thank you. I don't have a good amp yet to hook it up (and I say "it" because I'm still building the other one), but I did test this one out on my parent's Sony receiver. I played "Max-O-Man" by Fourplay, and was completely mind blown. This is my first endeavor into the hifi world (and full range drivers), and I'll never go back. These things are awesome!
Gonna give us pics of the Fairlady also? ;)


Sure, what the hell.

Datsun Roadster R16 first start-up and walkaround - YouTube