My valve amp has been banned from work.

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My work system for work has been:
HiFiMeDiy Sabre USB DAC 2 w/ external PSU
LittleDot Mk. III valve amp
Sennheiser HD 595
2 x Fancy phono cables.

Banned because:

Not PAT tested, refusing to PAT test it themselves or accept external PAT testing.
Not required for work.

So, I need to replace everything but the headphones (I'm allowed those) and still have a decent sound.

Therefore I need:
A new DAC
A new amp

Would quite like:
Recommendation for a pair of closed back 'phones.

With the following requirements:
1) Discreet.
2) Not mains powered in any way, the only external power it will be allowed to use is USB power.
3) Easy on the ears (I had a pocket IC amp, it was too harsh, I couldn't listen to it for more than a few hours before my ears got tired, I little dot I could listen to continuously)

Any suggestions welcomed.

Many Thanks,

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Say what????

To quote from the above site:

"Is Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) compulsory?

No. The law simply requires an employer to ensure that their electrical equipment is maintained in order to prevent danger. It does not say how this should be done or how often. Employers should take a risk-based approach, considering the type of equipment and what it is being used for. If it is used regularly and moved a lot e.g. a floor cleaner or a kettle, testing (along with visual checks) can be an important part of an effective maintenance regime giving employers confidence that they are doing what is necessary to help them meet their legal duties. HSE provides guidance on how to maintain equipment including the use of PAT."


Does not seem to be any rational basis for excluding your tube gear - perhaps it needs to be enclosed so that the tubes can not be touched?? Or tube shields used.

Maybe that will satisfy whomever really is out to give you personally a hard time. Because that is what it sounds like, unless they've gone around and told all sorts of people that they have to take stuff out?

I'd sue the crap out of them...
It's getting a little long in the tooth but the FiiO E18 Kunlun has been part of the work kit for a while. Tops out at 96 kHz so no drivers required with Windows, has a line input and also works as a portable battery for USB devices. Its very low output impedance works much better than the headphone out on my ThinkPad.
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I was just working my way down all the replies and thinking exactly the same thing. What kind of employer would let you set up a valve amp based audio system at work......

(I can hear my old boss now... 'get some bleedin' work done, and less yakking')
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.