My upgraded T-Amp


2005-02-12 1:06 pm
My T-amp.......the green band glows in the dark ! light from an internal led swapped from the red to an ultra bright green.


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2005-02-12 1:06 pm
Thanks.....its a maplin box with plastic ends...easy to work I wired it up using 1mm silver [4n] wire in ptfe sleeve. All the hardware is maplin's as well. I've built two of these now and both run in biamped configuration so that one amp drives one speaker, one chanel the tweeters and the other the bass driver. Speakers are Martin Logan Aerius i's It goes as load as I need but tends to run out of steam at higher levels. But generally sounds fantastic.....replaced a Quad 707! The only thing missing is the slam provided by the bigger I may look at a pair of eval boards at 100watts each.
kiang said:
purely cause it is wood construction
don't want it to warp too much

You probably won't need to worry about wood warping due to heat. It's typically a change in moisture in the wood that will cause it to warp rather than heat, although heat can cause the moisture to evaporate faster.

Looks like you've done an excellent job! I'm just planning out my wood case and mods for the SI amp right now, so your pics are helpful for deciding on a design. Good work!



2004-08-19 7:04 pm
quiet said:
the fan set up is nice -
the spring setup is a first for me -
coming from computer modding - thats a neat idea

the t-amp has been tempting me - after seeing this stuff
i gotta get 1 or 2

i'm into under-estimated portable sound

great job!!!

Hey Quiet,
Your portable speaker is just sick enough to be cool.:cool:

Depending on the load those present, a t-amp with a small SLA could transform that into a giant killer. Thanks for the pictures.