My UMF Setup

With the live stream of Ultra Music Festival, I put a couple speakers in the TV room!

The speakers that were being used:

1x 21" Dual slot ported = 20-100 Hz
1x 18" Slot ported = 20-160 Hz (not in picture, it's in the corner)
2x Dual 10" horns = 40-160 Hz
2x Studio Monitors = 20Hz -20kHz
2x Floor standing spaekers 20Hz -20kHz (has 8", 2 mid range, and tweeter)

Here's the setup:
Why would you use two pairs of monitors reproducing the same frequency range? I would think that your setup would lead to strong comb filtering as it sits in the pic. Placing the studio monitors upside down and directly on the top of the floor-standers might work out better if you want to run all four together. Also the timbres of the two sets of speakers will be different and might sound worse combined together than either pair would by themselves. That is unless I'm misunderstanding your setup and you are simply switching back and forth between the two pairs to A/B compare them.

Also thinking that KRK ROKIT monitors have 20Hx extension is a bit optimistic. Assuming they are the 6 inchers, real world is more like 50Hz.
Yeah I doubt they hit 20Hz at all. I'm using all together I wasn't really going for "clean" sound, because I wasn't just sitting in the room watching it was meant to be heard all over the house. By no means would I keep this setup after UMF, it ruins the point of the home theaters fidelity. I was just having some fun :D