My ugly A.. salad bowl OB's..

I thought to try this & did. I am very happy with results after bumping to the tweeter back into alighnment w/ other drivers. Smooth, detailed & still retain the OB magic. Just more refined alot better imaging. Stage is fairly much stuck to between speakers, but it is very pin point. The salad bowl's are rubberwood. I thought it would all be shouty, is not the case. I use a 600hz effective 3rd on the mca15rcy & 4mh on 12" alnico fr & just a 2uf cap on the 3" fr tweeter. The 3" were ripped from a pair of highend cherry JVC mini units. 300B PP w/ 26 DHT pre leading the way. Dual powered subs set at 60hz 4th active. All seems to integrate very nicely. Why doess it not shout..? This was just a experiment.

Yep, ........There ugly as as a mofo...*s*. I did however learn alot on how OB reacts to such things. Turning them around would not work. unless you ment mouted on back of baffle. That would be intresting also. I am sure the percieved stage would move backwards, as some times I put very small lenghts of sono tube, 3" max around the back of driver to delay OB effect & sharpen imaging & move stage back. I got alot of pretty commercial speakers collecting dust in the dark..*s*
J & G
Our local Target store had them. i seen em while getting dog food & swooped em up..
Not sure about the Fs of the 12ae. I will pull the 12ae when I get replacements for that spot & lower the 12 or 15 to floor. The 12ae really should be used for a single fullrange for someone. I am going TT on my next build. I think I will keep this basic Salad Bowl gig going though, it does alot of things well. The 12ae are to rare to keep in that spot.