My twins are complete :-)

Here we go agan! Now I have a set of un-identical twins! Well, actually I already had a set but they are over 5 years old now. To the right is the mini A based on Brians boards I completed a couple months ago. I already bragged about that one enough I think. I am now listening to it's 'er um' bigger brother. Well actually they are the same size. The 'newborn' is an A30 front end with a A3 OP section running IRFP140's. The rails ended up at ~+-23v with a crc filter running 4 x .8r 10watt caddocks in parallel. I am losing about a volt across the resistors. There is a total of only 150,000uf capacitance and I would like to have fit more but I kind of ran out of space. I don't mind though because A) no need for a soft start and B) there is NO psu noise at all and only ~35mv of ripple. There are no ultra high end parts and everything..and I mean EVERYTHING is surplus and acquired over ebay or pulls etc.(I lied..except for the irf9610's). The IRF140 are biased at about 1,1A each and my sinks stay around 50c with an IR temp sensor. (R13brian/R19pass is 68k)

This thing worked perfectly at power up my surprise. The two amps sound very similar (surprise!) and the only difference I can detect is more juice on the big bro. The weakling is gonna run some horn tweets and the biggun is to chase the woofs.

Nelson..were you aware you were responsible for a set if illegitimate twins? I can trace the genealogy back to you. Thanks for that.



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Ha ha, I'll need about a year to get that X going I think! First I have to build the room to put my twins into. Funny thing about the room I'm building... I stumbled upon a small super high quality sink and faucet and thought "hmm, this would make a perfect wet-bar sink..gonna have to build a room around it''. That sink is going to keep me busy for a looong time.

The X will prob. rock the garage/workshop. Since I've been listening/playing with these amps, I have sold 1 adcom 555 and haven't even powered the other 555. :D ;) :) :cool:

Thanks all-