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My TSE blows fuses


2009-12-04 9:56 pm
My little tube amp the first se from 2010 has performed faithfully for years, but now blows fuses when powered up. I took it to an amp guy locally and he tested tubes etc but could not fix. I realize it could be a lot of things but any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Is there anyone I could send it to repair? I love this little amp, sob.

Does it blow the fuse with no tubes installed at all? If so is it instant? If so it's probably one of the solid state diodes. I would suspect the high voltage parts first, D2 and D3 , but it could be any one of the diodes.

If either of the paired diodes is bad, replace the pair.

If it's not obvious with an ohmmeter, try disconnecting the HV transformer secondary (usually red wires) to see if that stops the fuse blowing.....if so replace D2 and D3.

If the fuse still blows disconnect the 6.3 volt wires, usually green. If that stops the fuse blowing the easiest cure is to replace D1, D4 and D5 unless the bad one can be found with a volt meter.

If the fuse still blows with the red and green wires disconnected from the baord, disconnect all the transformer wires from the board. If the fuse still blows the power transformer is likely bad or some of the wiring has been damaged.