My transport seems to be ill

I thought it might be the DAC since the intermittent crackle/popping sound (similar in sound to a disc skipping, but it overlays the music instead of the music actually skipping) is in one channel. I connected it to another DAC and the problem is still there. I've replaced the transport/laser mechanism with a new unit and the sound is still there. ($$$ grumble, swear, mutter $$$) It's an _ancient_ Proceed PDT3 transport. However, it's been modified extensively by G&D Transforms, Electronic Visionary Systems, and Kyle Takenaga (before he joined Reference Mods.)

I'd like to find someone that can repair it without removing the mods. I don't want to send it to a Harmon approved technician. I'm sure they'll want to remove all the mods, which is the only reason I want to keep the unit in the first place. Well, that and the new transport/laser assembly-they don't build those things like they used to.

Does anyone have any recommendations for someone who can repair something like this? While I could pose these questions to my modifiers (the ones that are still around...G&D is gone, isn't it?), my guess is that they can modify equipment, but repairing it is another story.

Any thoughts on this dilemma would be most welcome.