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My Tragic story about Emission Labs tube

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For all.

For the same reason to all others tube lover, I pick Emission Labs (EML) 3 type tube - 300B¡B300bXLS and 2A3M for it "seems" trustworthy and reliable outlook than any anothers, especially China 300B. though it's very expensive tube.

When I use the first 300B I got, the tube base was loose,and it sounds unbalance after I burned it for 200hrs.so I tested the bias and found this tube was close to dead. so I shipped it the agency and they give me a discount to bought another one.

I still believe EML's quality untill my another 2A3M was also gutted only in a very short term burning. I found it have hums and more and more serious,and all the same, the base was loose(seems all EML tubes have base loose problems when I asked other users).so I examine the bias and found one of 2A3M was close to burned out.

I wrote to agency and tell them the problems, and they just tell me my purchase date over the guarantee date, so what they can do is give me a special discount to get another one pair.

Be careful to all tube DIY lover for my tragic experience in EML 300B.and think twice again before you pick them to home for their trustworthy outlook.....they're just like those beauty but always dangerous and let you belly up.....

This person is dishionest

this is a case of misuse of the forum for getting personal advantage out of it. This whole thread should be removed if you ask me.

This thread was started by Mr. Michael Liu from Taiwan, and he wants wants guarantee 15 months after the purchase, which is three months after the guarantee is officially ended.

We are allways very very generous with guarantee. With 12 months we already give more guarantee that most other tube companies. We never make a point out of it when we get send back tubes just over 12 months old also. But we must draw a line somewhere.

We didn't reject his case, only we felt that after so long time, he should at least pay a part of the costs. After all he used them for 15 months.

I think this offer is very reasonable, and we don't even have to do so.

But... it was not generous enough. He wants them ALL FOR FREE.

Guess what he proposed: Either we send him free replacments, or otherwise he will start a bad publicity campaign on this forum. Now this is a very dirty way to handle the case.

Well, I won't post anything else to this subject any more, but who reads this, can understand better now what's behind it.


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