My third LM3875 integrated amp!


2007-10-06 6:29 am
Hello !

I was just waiting for some parts from Peter Daniel "".and this morning I got them finally!.
I had everything ready and I started working in the amp.this time it turned out a "little" nicer than the other ones before.I check all the parts and voltages everywhere. the DC offset is 8 mv in one channel and the other is 10 mv,so it is not so bad.this time I used Alps potentiometer (50k).I like the alps better than the nobles.I did noticed the "steps" on the nobles,that from one step to the next,the volume gets to high or too that is the "only" reason I like the alps better(no steps),the sound quality between them is the same!.the result of this integrated amp is wonderful!.no hiss,no am noise,no hum, no thum,just pure sound.I was trying to post some pictures but, I could not do it.can someone tell me please how to post some pictures.

PS: thanks to all the people that have helped me with all my questions in this wonderful Diy forum and Peter Daniel.
I have learned a lot from you guys! (and STILL learning lol).