My take on the Raw Acoustics RAW HT1 kit from

My take on the Raw Acoustics RAW HT1 kit from

Info on the kit:

RAW HT1 kit includes
:: 2- CSS WR125S drivers
:: 2- Aurum Cantus ribbon tweeters
:: Solen crossover parts, Solen Inductors,Solen Poly caps, Metal Oxide resistors
:: Binding posts, ports, wire,screws, damping material
:: 2 CNC cut Baffles with Magnet grills Included
:: cabinet constuction plans,crossover layout plans
:: build your own cabinets.Using our CNC front baffles (included)


Short form review.....please feel free to ask any questions....I bought my kit before the cnc front baffles were included so I cannot comment on them.

What I used.......

Yamaha HTR5740, NAD T742, Panasonic XR50

Mission MS8

Built stands out of mdf and 3" pvc pipe, filled with sand.

Pioneer pd-5700 cd player, an audigy 4 (both 44.1 digital and analog) and the Mystique 7.1
95% if lossless songs........Some examples of groups I listen to.....Barenaked Ladies (one of my favs), Enya, Madonna, Shamen, C+C Music Factory, Culture Beat, Loft, Snap, Janet Jackson, Sash!, ATB (love his stuff)
Deep Forest, Enigma, Pet shop Boys, Phil Colins, a and lot of 80's and 90's hits......
Also I did some gaming with the audigy 4.


-Al from Rawacoustics has been great, answering the many, many questions I had.
-Shipped out in a timely manner
-Drivers are of excellent build quality
-Kit was relatively easy to follow

-Aurum Cantus Tweeter is absolutely superb
-Crisp and clear with great detail and yet never sounds harsh
-Treble has depth and great transients
-midrange is excellent with good placement and toneality
-mid bass is punchy and tight
-speakers do not sound fact there is a suprising amount of bass going on from these little drivers
-Overall a warm sounding speaker to my ears with a lot of detail
-Overall imaging is wide and deep
-Sounded fantastic with all the gaming I did (HL2, Battlefield 2, Farcry, Call of Duty, etc)


-If I had a personal complaint it would actually be a bit too much mid bass, but most of that has to do with my room (I use them at my computer), I am in a small room with hardwood floors, and the speakers are too close to the corners. Not really a negative, more of an issue just for me. A front ported design would fix this for me but then they would be a much larger speaker. These drivers push a lot of's really amazing actually....
-Aren't the most efficient speakers, need a good amp.

Overall this is an really superb sounding set of speakers to my ears, I have no problem reccomending it.

Pics will follow once I get them veneered.....
I'm Looking to build these soon but with a ribbon tweeter..



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Good to hear;)
Did you get your veneering down on them?

Yes the CNC baffels are now included in all the kits we still.
Makes for a quick cabinet build, as well as magnetic grills just finish them off.

Low end, yes a lot of people do not know what these drivers are able to do in a design, and the smooth mids just shine with the XBL^2 motor.



2004-10-14 1:21 pm

I brought this up because it was the only RAW HT1 thread I could find.

What's the crossover frequency with these? How seamless is the transition from the WR to the ribbon? The x-over is probably in the crucial 2000-5000Hz range which I usually would like to avoid. Does anyone have any idea and/or way to go under 2k or over 5k? Would it make things only worse?

Anyway I like very much the idea of these CSS + Aurum speakers. The best sides of everything.