My speakers are done! here's my report!

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hi everyone, first of all, I want to say thanks to everyone who helped me, particularly Thorsten Loesch; without the help of you guys, I would still be using my Dynaco A-25's!

I will add the pictures tonight of my speakers.

I build a three-way around the midrange audax pr170mo. I use a audax pr120 crossed at 5000khz. For the active bass, I use a 126L ported box with the Beyma 12br70.

The sound is amazing. I am so happy, effortless bass, natural midrange and perfect integration between the mid and highs. Word can not convey any experience, but this is the best speaker I have ever heard. I will compare my system to my dad speakers (tannoy 15 inch red) but I have a feeling its on par with his.
What really struck me is how the speakers litterally disapear. The sound is totally in front of me, the sounds do come from the speakers are bit, but all around them also.
I really see, clearly define, the singer position, almost how high he is. I can really follow the hand of bill evans going up and down the piano. I can see/hear where is hand are! thats really impressive for me. I did not have the time to listen to a lot of acoustic music, im in a electronica mood recently, but god damn, Kind of blue yesterday night was so revealing. The sound is laid back but right on and powerful at the same time.

Anyways, so excited and happy and releive. Was it worth it, maybe not lol. I put so much time and effort into building my system, yes its worth it, but damn that was time consuming.

thanks for everyone, just need to fix my tube amp and I'am off of here for a good while, I will not try to make a better speaker...
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as promised, I attached the pictures of my speakers and the crossover!

BTW, I have not yet take any measurment, therefore the crossover may not be perfect for now, the highs may need a little boost...


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