my regulator pcb

Revised repeatedly,optimization...I finished this PCB project at last.Thanks for carlmart, sek, rabstg, Bob03, and carlosfm, very very much.:)
please look at the primitive scratch for more detail.

the PCB boards:


rabstg said:
Hi samsagaz-

I am pretty sure he is using ProTel.

Thanks, Troy

PS- Oh yeah, EXCELENT work digi01!

thank you,Troy :)Have you get the boards?

Yes,I use protel to draw PCB layout.
and I use EWB512 to draw schematics,it is simple and has circuit simulation function.After you create a circuit schematic and turn on the power or click the simulate button, the solution of the circuit and generation of the data you see on instruments such as the oscilloscope is the role of the is so cool.
samsagaz said:
...with EWB512 u do the simulations, but is ok to trust in that simulations?
sorry form y dumb question but im new on the electronic suff :)

Generally, simulations will only bring you so far. Normally you have a fair chance to get things to work, if they work in the simulator. If they don't work in there, you are pretty certain they won't work in reality either.
Also, choosing a representative component model brings you closer to the real thing. Then again, the models are, by definition, idealized representatives of the actual component (with all the production variations that brings!), so it's not an exact science.