my quest for HD

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ok, so i've decided that, after I get my projector/panel setup up and running, my next step will be to attempt 720p.

I figure, if i can find a 1280x1024 panel, I should be all set... granted, I don't expect this project to be "on the cheap" but I'm already buying an AVT-3700 since then I can run YcBcR Component aka separate R/G/B RCA cables from my DVD player (from AV Toolbox) and so I figure, hey, if i'm spending a good bit on my up-converter, I might as well see if I can project a truly high-quality picture.

Thus far I've spent waaaay less than your average, off the shelf projector, and as long as I keep the cost down below the equiv. Epson or similar, I'll be happy (and it still beats spending $6-10,000 on a true high-end setup... as much as I want one now, the difference between a $500-1500 project and a, say, $7,500 one is, well, nothing I can shake a stick at).

Anyhow with that in mind, does anyone have recomendations for what I should do, panel wise? I'm not opposed to buying a new one (even if it means higher cost) as long as it'll do the job... but does anyone know of one that does that kind of resolution (best i've seen on the faq's / lists is 1024x768, and from what I see 720p needs 1280x720).

thx in advance!
I'm planning on making an HDTV projector myself. Just some advice. A lot of AV people insist on doing things the expensive way. You'll be a lot better off just using XGA through a computer. 1024x768 (XGA) is the 3:4 equivalant to 720P. 1280x1020 is the 3:4 equivalant to 1080P (even though 1080 is interlaced). XGA is good enough for HDTV. Trust me. Finding a 1280x1020 panel for a reasonable price is not gonna happen. Finding a widescreen 1920x1020 definately ain't happening. We're talking thousands of dollars.

Assuming you have a computer, you can get a HDTV decoder card from Hauppauge for $299. Think about it. Most set top decoders are well over $500. And if you use a DVD-Rom w/ PowerDVD, the movies will look even better than an expensive stand-alone progressive scan DVD player. You also don't have to worry about compnent inputs, line doublers, etc. The PC also gives you more control over adjusting the picture. I believe the card also has several inputs (component as well I think) for all your other needs (Xbox and Gamecube support progressive scan).

Now some people cringe at the idea of running their AV through a PC. But consider this:

Pros: More Color control
Less expensive panel
Less expensive HD decoder
Improved DVD picture
$40 DVD-Rom vs. $250 Prog-scan DVD Player
Less cableing
No Line Doubler needed (done w/ free software)
Ability to use your computer on the projector

Cons: Must dedicate a computer
Space for the computer
Noise from the fans
Must be left on or wait for bootup

There are two XGA panels I've seen discussed on this forum. The Sharp QA-2500B and the nView 3100/3500. From what I gather, the nView has motion problems and is no good. But the Sharp sounds like it would be perfect. I have no idea where to get one, but it sounds like it would be a great HD solution. Try and keep this topic alive, because most people here seem content w/ 640x480. If anyone has used one, or knows how to find one, please let me know.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.