My Power Supply PCB.

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Your supply is OK, the track Maker do not seem to have very good image resolution,

As some lines are showing low resolution, maybe you use too much zooming.

The small components seem to be small Poliester capacitors, those 100N units are very good, as they "eat oscilation in the breafast", beeing a low resistance patch to absorb hi frequencies.

Electrolitic condensers, because represents also some coil, the internal construction is alike a coil, will oppose some resistance to hf frequencies travelling into the ground patch.

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Tá legal a placa (the board is OK!)

try adding fuses to the output.
widen the + & - tracks (double).
leave provision for snubbers(RC) or just caps across all diodes.
add small ceramic caps (4 in total) to AC input and + to - and + to common and - to common.
you might want to try adding a low esr cap to bypass the electros, maybe 5% to 10% of their value. This suggestion is somewhat controversial but I have found it worthwhile.
Finally have a read of the other thread running just now, lots of input there.
sounds just fine.
Now another thought, A capacitor string after rectifiers formed from; 100pF ceramic - 2//4m7F - 470uF lesr - 2u2uF film - 100nF film - 100pF ceramic.
The whole string does not have to be on the PSU board. The first ceramic could be directly on the diode leads, the last could be on the LTP/VAS rails. The first traps Hi freq rubbish early on and the last uses inductance on the rails to form a 2 pole filter to effectively remove hi freq mush that escaped the main smoothing caps. Locate the smaller caps closer to the output of the PSU.
Recently I have learned that an RC snubber more effectively corrects for rail inductance. Consider leaving provision for this near the output as well.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.