my plans for a headphone tubeamp. 10Qs

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ok, i'm new to tubes. not entirely sure how they work. from my best guess just looking at schmatics i guess they are similar to P-Channel enhancement FETs?

Q1 -- how do tubes work. also, what disadvantages are there to a high mu? is it all based upon what gains you want in the design? i would assume a high mu is good for high voltage gain stages. what would be good for low noise? what of high current gain stages?

I was looking into a 2 stage design using maybe 6sn7, 6as7, 6n1p, 12ax7, 12au7. i haven't double checked the heater voltages on each though. for reasons in the next paragraph i would like to stay near the 5-6.3V range.

Q2 -- any opinions on these tubes?

have purchased a 550V secondary, dual 6.3V secondary, 120/240 primary, 400VA toroid transformer. it is my plan to wire 120V to the 240V taps to get 275V, which would mean i could get between 275V and 300V after any filtering or regulation. not sure what to do here, been looking at various options.

Q3 -- would solid state regulation work well? or should i use tube based rectification and/or some RC-RC stages. i want to avoid large inductors.

I am looking into safety as well, such as fuses and soft start circuity. anyone have any reccomendations in this regards. i realize there are a plethora of schematics around the net, but opinions would still be helpful.

Q4 -- besides things like not working on a live or still charged circuit, any safety tips?

Q5 -- is the secondary of the transformer attached to the neutral or earth-ground leads in any way? what of the chasis?

my current plan is for a SRPP input that goes into a WCF that is AC coupled (i don't have a split supply) to the 32 ohm load. i do not plan to have any output transformer or global feedback.

Q6 -- SRPP good idea or not. planning for a voltage gain of maybe 5-10.

Q7 -- WCF good idea over say a parallel triode cathod follower?

Why am i doing this? well, my computer sound sucks. i have an old aureal vortex2 that sounds better, but has weak sound (especially in windows). further, i want to build something with tubes. headphones are Sony MDR-V6 (not 600).
Thanks for any help you can give me.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.