My personal opinion on Burson V6 Vivid opamp

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Many thanks to SSaudio for sending me a free pair of Burson V6 Vivid.
I have received them November last year.
I already dissected them here free samples

My main goal was to replace opamps in my Quasar V16 amplifier. Topology non-inverted at gain ~7, output load 2k7 series with 470pF.

One main issue was with space. There was no space to insert Bursons. Another issue was with power supply. I was running my LME49710HA at bit higher voltage than Vivid ops. Protection diodes have been removed on both Vivid ops.
After replacing zeners in my regulators and making some space, I have inserted Bursons in a 8 dip socket. Got on one channel 10mV DC offset and on another one 2mV DC offset. With some patience I was able to bring both channels close to 1mV as I had with LME's.
My first observation is that these opams need a little burn-in, as at the first run they sounded harsh.
Things got better hour after hour and the improvement over LME's was obvious in micro dynamics and mid-bass.
I did some measurements too, but these reflect overall Quasar amplifier performance not only Bursons, therefore I'll not present them here.
Finally I had the confidence that "This is the way" and these babies are here to stay.
I had two Quasar V18 modules almost mounted, with some high quality parts like BlackGates and I decided to entirely replace my previous modules.

My final observations:
Burson are well designed opams with quality parts.
SMD Burson V6 Vivid schematic is very different from old THT Burson I used before.
Burson need more space than a regular opamp and this make insertion difficult.
IMHO a naked Burson will make more sense as the capsule is only aesthetic and this may reduce final cost as well.
Give them a little time to burn-in, it may sound harsh at the very beginning.
There is no need for protection diodes. Even more, these diodes will degrade sound. After all, Bursons are for upgrades and the person who perform the upgrade need some basic electronic skills.
Mark pin 1 to 8 more clearly on the capsule.

Thank you !

Sistem used:
Quantum CD transport Level 3
Quantum R-2R DAC
Subbu DAC with Zeno&Saligny
Quasar V18 amplifier (aka Quad-405 reborn)
Silver-Gold interconnect
High-Density Speaker cables
Triangle Genesse Quartet
Dynaudio Emit M10 with moded filter


PS. People with golden ears, like me, do not need blind tests, because I hear. :)


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