My new wooden gainklone

Hi to all,

finally i made my first gainklone. This is inverted configuration amp with only 2 resistors ant 1000uF cpacitors (silmic II) - Peter Daniel minimalist schematic.
Now this amp works from 4 12V akku PS.

I am more then satisfied with sound quality - bright, nice and clear sound. Thats what i can say.

Many thanks to all of you guys for speaking here about your chip amps and impressions. Thanks for inspirations.

some Photos of my amp.
thanks, i am really very happy with my gainclone.

i am listening my amp in total 30-40hours and voltage is 12.6V each cell. so akkus are still alive.

leolabs, my english is very bad so i dont know what "holfi" means ???

this amp was made for using it with transformers so i put it with akkus just temporary.
i am planing to make NIGC with only 47uF BGN capacitors and tis akku PS.

anyway this is the best amp i ever heard.

again, thanks to all of you, Peter Daniel, NUUK, Carlos and many others.