My new Hypex NC400 chassis

Recently I have changed the chassis for Hypex NC400 power amplifier. It was actually used for the different purpose however it was great to place all modules (NC400 and SMPS600) with compact size. After this work, additionally I was surprise that I found the little improved sound quality as well.


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The case looks very nice and there has always been demand for such high quality cases, not only by Ncore people. Is there a chance for a new group buy that we can take part in and can you give us a price? Or even a price break for a GB?
Unfortunately now we don't have additional GB plan. As always, it depends on how much demands at least 70 is required. The price for each chassis was around 200 USD includes high quality chassis parts (e.g., Schaffner ac-inlet etc.) excludes shipping.


2008-04-26 8:25 pm
I think this is a great opportunity to have a beautiful case that we can use in many projects, it will be really appreciated if you can give us a hand in that.

I am in for two pieces, is there a chance to get an approx. shipping cost to Europe, US and Australia?

1.Nikola Krivorov 2pcs.

Total 2