My new headphones amp

Hello, and welcome to one more of my sparing posts to the SS forum...:bigeyes:

Breadboarded this just this morning: two transistors per channel, pre-amp (grounded emitter) with 50mA-biased follower. Cap coupled input and output (OMFG, LYTICZZZ!!!!!!111). Haven't bothered with measurements but it seems to deafen me nicely.

Power source is the +12V inside the computer, which is rather dirty - in case anyone was wondering - so I had to filter it a bit. Really needs a choke, there's some 120Hz residual in there yet. The connector is kind of short so the breadboard has to ride up on the computer somewhat... ;)

Sounds good, SFA linearity as far as I can tell. Much more bass than my tube preamp, but that's not saying much since it has a 500 ohm output impedance (maybe 5mA peak output) into these 32 ohm phones!



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