My new big fat Aleph

Here is my newest project. It is a beast at 98 lbs (with top and front panel). It is my rendition of an Aleph 5 supersized. The chassis was originally built and used for my Zen IV project. I had enough parts laying around and decided to take a break from the Aleph X that is taking me forever to build. I never got around to sending the chassis out to be hard annodized so I though it would serve life better as an beast of an Aleph 5. This weekend it will be dissasembled, sanded and then off to metal finishing. It will be part of my home office system because when my wife saw it, she said no way is that beast finding it's way into our family room. She has no appreciation for fine audio but I love her just the same. Hey, everyone has their faults, right? Here are some pics.


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Great job Kilowattski!!!!:bigeyes: :bigeyes: :bigeyes: :bigeyes:

BTW, I've shown my wife this thread and gave her the hint I could also build something that big one day... she replied: "Wow, that's really big... well, if it would make you happy, you could have it in the family room..."; she' s a peach, I love her to pieces!!



i can not speak for the Mrs. but your Aleph pictures do make some here on diyaudio pretty emotional.
How dare they accuse us of lacking feeling ! :clown:

A piece of Art, Mr Kilowattski.

I am blessed with a woman who enjoys 10dB watts more than me, she allows me to build amplifiers for every room in the house.
Did i say blessed ?
As long as i am not in my ampy work room all of the time and spend quality time with her.:xeye:


2004-05-06 6:18 am

I once dated a chick for 6 months and I was quite surprised to find out she previously work as a rep in our largest hifi retail outlet in town...its was a good ice breaker.

Yep, she new all about amps and best of all she loved it loud.

I wonder what the woman working at Passlabs talk about at the dinner table ? Or should I say the kitchen table! And here they are.



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