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Im building a 2-way waveguide (TD12M/ Radian 475b)

I have all the values for the DCX and Im just putting them in the MiniDSP right now so I can compare.

Couple of things

1. How can I copy all settings from Ch 1 to Ch2? seems very redundant to enter all values again for the 2-way design.

2. Will you be adding 12dB option to the 6dB shelf filters?

3. What are the guidelines for importing a response curve. The ones I created from HOLM fail with the following message "Too many points - maximum 1200 points"

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1. I'm not sure, but I don't think there's a way to do that. Just takes a few extra seconds though.

2. Already there. Just adjust the Q setting to 1.5 vice 1.0 and your shelf will second-order.

3. I believe HOLMimpulse will allow you to reduce the number of data points in your test file when using the export function. If not, there are some utilities available to "fix" your existing files to the 1200 point limit.



#1 is more then a few seconds when there are a many filters to enter. I would like to request a "Copy" feature. No reason it can not be done (I have been writing software for over 20 years myself so I can not see this being remotely tough).

Im really liking the MiniDSP, I need to buy another one for a small M/T XO over to a bass bin project for my office. I have some very good bookshelf speakers that are great from 300Hz on up but below they are weak. Using the MiniDSP and adding a bass bin is a perfect plan :D

Davey already answered very accurately some of your questions and the only one left is about the "Copy to next channel".

As a matter of fact, this feature had already been requested before and we found some time in our dev schedule to implement it to the new Advanced plug-ins. These plug-ins should come out shortly.

We're just waiting on another software to come out... surprise surprise.. :)

As for the all pass filter, this is already pre-calculated for you in the very good spreadsheet from Netherland DIYers. Check this thread for more info:

FYI, all questions related to biquad programming might be answered more easily on our forum since there are already these similar questions. (no double posting required). Thanks for your understanding.
Thanks, I checked out that forum. I found that zip but its all greek to me so I will need figure out what it all means somehow. I do like that I can just punch in some values so maybe trying to learn it all is not all that important.

I would rather keep all discussions here. I do not consider it double posting since this is a forum for all MiniDSP options. Sites can have duplicate information, it happens all the time (Im on 4 DIY speaker sites and information should be duplicated some times).

Your forum does not have much traffic (it seems so far) so Im hesitant on using it and waiting for answers days or weeks. Your forum also has some weird registration issues. Its not working on explorer some of the frames go all wacky.
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To the miniDSP team, don't take this the wrong way, I understand your busy, BUT.

When I purchased my miniDSP I read somewhere that one of the advantages to this system was that once a plugin was paid for we could look forward to a lifetime of free updates (yes I actually read this on your website).

You guys don't seem to have actually said 'NO' to providing a 'COPY' feature between channels for all plugins after many CUSTOMER requests, but seem to skirt around the issue by saying its available in the advanced plugin?!?!

I don't need custom BIQUADS or want to pay for another (ADVANCED) plugin to get a feature all your customers would like and should have been available in the first place.

So the question is?

Will there be an update for ALL plugins to add the 'COPY CHANNEL' feature as your customers have requested?
Or, do we have to buy a new plugin every time you release an update?

I look forward to how you respond to this post.
Yours very sincerely.
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@ Dean,

You're indeed correct, we are offering the free upgrade to all plug-ins. You're also correct that we're very busy with some new ideas/projects! :) We now have 10 plug-ins (and some more in R&D) to support in both Mac & Windows environment, so in total about 20 app! Have a quick look around at other DSP software manufacturer (even large multi-national corporations) and tell us how often they release an upgrade to their single software?? You'll see that we're not doing "that" bad... ;-)

But anyway, don't worry, we are indeed planning to bring these features over to the normal plug-in. Our intend was never to push people to buy the Advanced version. Reality is that we can't issue a plug-in every month with one feature add-on. The complexity involved in carrying a feature across 20 app is just too great. So we combine the modifications and issue them at once. That's all.

In answer to your question: It's coming and with even some greater features that other members asked for!

hope this answer your question! :)


Ps: It's almost Christmas so who knows, maybe you'll get a free miniDSP plug-in under your tree?? ;)
Thank you for replying in a timely and concise manner. I mean that very sincerely.

As a business man myself guys, I'd like to offer some advice. Again read this with the understanding that my aim here is to keep things as clear as possible.

The first thing a customer buys from me is honest and clear communication.
Avoid saying 'Were very busy', which has a 'maybe call back later' or ' too busy for you' color to it. That tells me you are either disorganized or not interested.

Secondly, I am not doing business with 'them'. I am your customer.
Never justify your actions by comparing yourself to someone doing a 'worse' job. Customers dont mind bad news, but they hate surprises. Telling me you cant do something is fine, I'm a big boy, I can find that service elsewhere.

I am posting this because I look forward to doing more business with miniDSP and recommending you and your product to friends and colleges.

Again, thank you for your time
Yours sincerely
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Things to keep in mind... :)
It's a 99USD board, we staff 3 forums everyday, we do try to answer all emails within 24/48h, we do try to answer needs from the DIY community as people ask for new features. In the end, although DIY market is a small market, we do our best, believe us. BUT there is always a limit to things... We're not Sony, we're not a multinational, we're a startup with a small team passionate about what we're doing and who within the past year proved to a community of also passionate people that we could achieve a neat product at a price well below what's out there. It's that simple! :D

When we say we're busy, we ARE indeed really busy and certainly NOT "too busy for you".. If that's how you see us, that's maybe because you are a bit new to the community and not realizing how much we're working to make this community happen? Sure we need to have higher standards and we always work with that aim. I fully agree with you! By comparing ourselves to others, I'm just saying that running a business is a complete different story. You mention that you're a business man, then you surely should understand what it is to run a startup? :)

Maybe next time when someone asks for a feature, we'll say: "No we don't want to do it..." as you suggest. :) Instead, we'd rather tell that we will keep pushing our engineering team, even if the 10USD you paid for your app barely pays for the electricity it took to develop the app for free upgrades! ;-) So please just keep an open mind in realizing that you're enjoying a product because passionate people are working hard behind the scenes to make this happen...

We ARE working hard for the community and developing Hardware + firmware solution is not website development. It's not plug&play. Are we going to make everybody happy? unfortunately, no.. There will always be someone asking for something else... :)

Anyway, all this talk is beside the point.. Didn't I say earlier on that we would release a new plug-in with the feature you asked? ;)
Then why such a long email? Because we felt important that you hear our side of the story with the hope for you to understand that we do have high standards and always care for the client. We also very much appreciate hearing feedback and your comments are very well taken to keep this in our mind, even when we're really busy. (not disorganized.. :)

miniDSP Co-Founder
Tony I have watch you guys grow, and one thing your marketing people should consider is group buys, groupon type marketing and the like.

Similar to... Group Buy! Impact Soundworks Designed with composers in mind.

Do you know Radio Design Labs? The have excellent sonic reputation and small building blocks size items with some overlap on your products.

Group buys are indeed something getting quite common these days... Maybe we'll indeed consider it one day! :)

RDL is indeed quite a well known company which we've heard of before.. More so a ProA/V company than a consumer oriented company... The swiss army knife for A/V designers.
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