My last bookshelf.

I’ve had this cabinets seating around for a while and now it’s time to put them to the good use.
I’ve been dying to try Hiquphone OW1 and Usher 8945P for a long time. So, I’ve crossed them over at 2200hz with impedance compensations on both (not including picks and port), 4th order L-R. I also ordered extra inductors to play around with BSC later on.
Legs will be made as a cylinders, running along each corner to the top panel and the cabinet will actually be cut in to them.
See what happens.
Oh, and this is definitely the last speaker I am building before I set up Sound easy or Linear X.
Any advantages to Linear X over Sound Easy except lighter valet?


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R-Carpenter said:

Any advantages to Linear X over Sound Easy except lighter valet?

Roman, If you mean "wallet", that would definately be one of them. I can't answer for the LEAP folks, but SoundEasy has all sorts of self-help training and tutorials out there. I don't own it, but if I was going to upgrade from BassBox, that would be the one for me.

I'm still trying to fit the down firing port in my mind, and how that will work out. Could you clear it up for me?

Thank you for the correction John.
I was going to make legs this Saturday and just got too busy with the shop work.
Each leg will be a 1.5 diameter cylinder, running along side vertical edges of the speaker cabinet. Probably in Walnut or Mahogany. Each leg will have a rectangular cutout and the cabinet will sort of fit in to it. Lower portion will have a slight taper and merge in with chromed tiptoes. I am also considering a possibility of custom stands. Don’t know every aspect yet, I am designing as I go alone but my guess is that I don’t have to lift up the speaker from the table top or speaker stand a great deal of distance to let the port breath.
I finally got my capacitors and inductors from Madisound today. So, screw the shop work this weekend.
Thanks, Keith. I’ll have the crossovers together by 22nd. You are welcome to come. I may not have BSC part tuned in but most of it will be together, so if you want to come and listen, sure thing. I’ve played the drivers for a while so they are burned in and I don’t believe capacitors or inductors need burn in time. By 29th everything will be finished-finished and playing.
So, if you want to see the process, come on over this weekend, if you want to see finished speaker, next week is a better deal. Bring some music, which you know very well.
Drivers are installed and x-overs are together.
Without BSC, speaker sounds little thin and bright.
After playing around with 2.25 inductors (only size I have laying around) and different Rs, I’ve stayed with 2-ohm resistor and it actually sounds very pleasant.
This is not the end. I will get a few more inductors and start with “by the book” BSC calculation. I wish I had Sound Easy
to know exactly what’s going on.
It appears at this point that the resolution of this speaker is slightly higher then my ProAc2.5 clones (yes, yes, lower distortion). It’s too early to judge and it may be simply the case of the tweeter being a db higher.
The cabinets are not stuffed yet and the legs (which will play a big role) are not installed.
Pictures of x-overs are coming.


2005-03-26 2:31 pm
R-Carpenter said:

Oh, and this is definitely the last speaker I am building before I set up Sound easy or Linear X.
Any advantages to Linear X over Sound Easy except lighter valet?
If you are budget limited, then SE is the way to go. If not, I would use both. SE has some measurement option that LMS does not have. But LEAP has many more design and data options that are very good for advanced designs.
I don’t know if it’s Hiquphone OWI, the magic of L-R 4th order crossover or Clarity SA capacitors but this is the first tweeter (except ribbon in my Magneplanar 3.5R) that doesn’t make me shudder on the female opera vocals. The sound is almost holographic.
I haven’t finished BSC yet. Inductors are coming in a couple of days.
My understanding with a simple RL circuit is that the value of inductor changes target frequency and R can vary the amount.
Thanks to Zaph for tweeter review. It put the last drop in the Hiquphone bucket.
Thanks, Soongs. I will probably start with Sound Easy. There’s no budget but as a noob in measurements, I would rather start with less expensive hardware and learn it first.:D
I think I have BSC nailed. It ended up being 1.5mhz coil and 8ohm resistor. First time in my life, I got green color coils. I wander how the green color will affect the sound? After all, the capacitors are red. Could it cause a phase shift?
I am not going to rave about my own speaker. I like the sound now but the actual measurements are needed. I am going to set up Sound Easy in a month or so.
Keith, bring CD player also. My Sony ES my be getting ready to travel to digital haven.
Thanks, John.