My Horrible Day

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Began two weeks ago when I got partway through assembling a PSU for an OMICRON HPA. Then realised I'd ordered SMD rect. bridges not THT. I devised a cunning plan to straighten the legs on the SMT parts and solder them in place. It worked just fine the legs went over the THT holes. Then I discovered that the res. caps that sit close to the bridges wouldn't fit because the SMT parts protruded 0.5mm too close to them.

So I ordered some THT parts. They arrived and my day began.

I desoldered the SMT bridges. The holes in the PCB were full of solder of course. 6 of the 8 cleared with braid, the other two were complete swines. Eventually got them clear using liquid flux and a fine pointy iron bit and banging the board on the table. Was just finishing up when my sleeve caught the top of the flux bottle and I had a flood of rather nice smelling liquid flux.

I got workpiece, components and tools clear in the nick of time, fortunately the flux is quite thick and flows relatively slowly. I cleaned up with IPA. Soldered the replacement bridges in and the res. caps fitted. Hooray!

Then I put in some smaller film caps, almost as soon as I'd done it I realised I'd soldered the wrong caps in two places. This was especially irksome because I'm aware of my lack of electronics knowledge, how much harder it makes fault finding, and I bust a nut to remain organised and double or triple check everything before soldering. But not this time grrrrrr.

Desoldered them, cleared the holes (eventually) and went looking for the correct caps. I know I've got them, but can I find them? No. They were in a box with all the other bits for the PSU with their board references written on their bag. But not any more, they've been stolen by aliens. Obviously.

Also, I kept finding sticky patches on my worksurface where I'd swear no flux got to, and having to break out more IPA to clean them.

At that point I decided I was doing more harm than good and went for a break. Came back, looked at the mess and decided I'd had enough for the day...
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Irritating I am sure, and I am genuinely sorry to hear of your woes - I feel your frustration - but I would give almost anything to swap this 'horrible' day of yours for the HORRIBLE one which hit me out of the blue recently... :cry:
Everything in life must be put into perspective. Beer helps!
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