My Holton amp builds.

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Here im gona post some pictures of my Holton build for the last couple of years.
Ounce you tried one, you cant stopp :eek:

With the last order im up to 20 modules and one SmartDac.

Today i have Nxv-500R2 monoblocks for the midrange and tweeters.
For the bass system i have ordered another set of Nxv-500R2 modules for another set of monoblocks.
Speakers is Infinity RS1 and dipol bass is H baffel with 4 pc Peerless XLS 12" for each "tower"
Behringer DCX2496 crossover for midrange and bass. Tweeters have passive crossover, but some day some Nxv-200R2 monoblocks will be powering the Emit tweeters.

Sorry for the bad english writing.
My first build was 2 stereo amps in Thule PA-200 chassis.
In each chassis.
2pc Nxv-200 boards.
Toroid. 630va 2x33 volt.
30 pc Philips (Vishay) 2200 uF 63 volt caps.
Alvays 2,5 solid core copper wire.
Speaker and signal cable is usualy MIT 750, the good old version :)

I did blow my 200 boards on my Infinity RS2B, they are wery hard to drive with impedance around 2 ohm. So it vas time to uppgrade.
I started making my own chassis.
First version.
630VA 2x33volt.
30 pc Philips 2200 uF 63 volt.

Second version.
800VA 2x50 volt.
12 pc Elna 10000 uF 80 volt.

Third version.
Nxv-500 R2.
1000 VA 2x 55 volt.
42pc Roe 2200 uF 100 volt.


Hey leikis,
nice work!
More than nice actually........Very professional. Deeply envious.
Lots of money tied up in those amp builds so I hope you are happy with their performance. Not that I have any doubts about that, from what I have read by other builders.
If I lived nearer to Tasmania I'd order some of his amp modules myself although they would never look as good as yours.
Your friends must be delighted.


love the pics, nice work bro,

HAve you compared these modules to other commerical units if so what are they and what are the price differences. Wouldnt mind your impressions on these modules!:)

I have tested my monoblocks with the old NXV-500 bords against the Plinius Hiato (12000dollar) and a Prasound A21 (4200 dollar), and a friend have tested against a Hegel H4 (7000 dollar).
The Holton was better in al areas, better bass control and opener bigger mid tones and a more airy tweeter. The mid and tweet vas smoother and not so hard. I havent heard another amp with better basscontrol, and my old Infinity RS2B was realy testing the amps because of the low impedance. Ive had several hifi friends that vere realy impresed and vasent shure they had heard better sound at any price.
My monoblocks cost me around 2500 dollars.
And the NXV-500 R2 boards are mutch better than the old version !
Im sure i dont need another amp than the Holton, they are awsome :D
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