My HK 3490 and Stanton 680 EL Cartridge

I've been handed an Technics SL-1200MK2(!) with a 2-pack of Stanton 680 ELs.

When I hook it up to my phono input on my HK 3490, it sounds low.

The manual says to use only MM cartridges, that a pre-amp is required for MC cartridges.

Apparently, the 680 EL is a Decca or moving iron cartridge.

I realize that I can just buy an MM cartridge, but I want to understand better. What about my 680ELs? Would you recommend a pre-amp? Are they more like MMs or MCs?


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2003-01-18 9:50 am
I can't find the specs for the EL 's' cartridge. In fact, I can't find the 's' type at all.
It could be me of course, but try to find out what output it gives you in mV and find out what input sensitivity your preamp has.
As far as I know the 680 series are all MM. Any phono MM stage should be able to make it sing.

The HK 3490 manual says that the input sensitivity/Impedance Linear(High Level) is 200mv/46kohms.

There is no other input sensitivity mentioned. This doesn't seem like it's the sensitivity of the CD, Video, etc inputs- wouldn't that be at like .5-2V? But "High Level" suggests to me that it's not the phono input either.