My gainclone project

I reported this in the Beginner's Gainclone thread, but thought I would present it to a wider audience.

I had never heard a gainclone so decided to build one.
I built a prototype using the Daniel Writes Bac modifications which worked well, but did not work when I built it on perfboard. So I put that aside and built a K-50 kit (LM1875) with the same modifications.
I decided against building a power supply to save on size and weight and instead bought two 12 volt regulated wall supplies from Jameco and wired them together to get +12, 0,-12 volts.
I used a Sony D-33 portable CD player as a source and an Infinity Primus 153 bookshelf speaker.
I liked the sound and it was quite adequate for private listening in the basement.
Since I was doing stereo into mono I added a resistive coupler to the amp.
I was satisfied, but the audio was slightly "thin" so I considered a pre amp and used my JISBOS buffer amplifier (Steinchen, Headwize DIY forum) This added a lot of "presence" to the music.

I am quite satisfied with this setup. It is the first speaker amp I have built.