my floorstander loudspeaker


I want to design and build a floorstander speaker with the following drivers:
Oberton 15 B 400 as woofer
AudaxHT210T0 as midrange
Fostex 100HT as a tweeter

I want to use it in hifi application, my room is big but some time I like the volume quite high and without distortion.
I'm worried about the bass, i didn't find a driver that goes lower with the same sensivity.
My question is: the spl is there but the quality?


2006-04-04 11:24 am
Jerry Calà said:

don't if they really have on stock, because from what heard Audax is out of the market


Many thanks for finding the website for me, this particular mid range looks really interesting and cheaper then the model, PR170M0 which receives good reviews from fellow users here eg AJ and Magnetar.

I am thinking of buying PPR170M0 from Madisound which sells this model cheaper than that sold by the website you suggested. I haven't bite the bullet of buying them yet.

I thought you may like to know this info.