My first media room build....


2013-01-02 2:01 am
Hi all,

I've started converting one of the basement rooms in my house into a media room of sorts (my first build like this ). I've just about gotten to the point of throwing up the drywall (I'm waiting on another set of wires to come in). The rooms about 16 by 22 with a 7 foot ceiling when I'm done (no jumping in that room :eek:). There will only be one doorway at the far end (the one on the side is getting closed off. I'd like to run a 9.2 speaker setup (which is what I think I've got it wired for) with the "presence speakers" slightly up and to the outside of the mains. I've got the room wired for 4 subs if need be (2 up front by the mains and 2 at the midpoint on the side walls. The surrounds are going to be slightly to the rear and about 2 feet above the listening position and the backs will be on the back wall about 3 feet in from either side. I'm running as much wiring as I can inside the walls to make this room as neat looking as possible. I'll also have a computer in the corner (just below the window) that I'll have able to output audio and video to the surround system and tv vid hdmi (can't wait to play quake 2 on that sucker.....yeah I know I'm old :eek:). Anyone have any pointers or tips for me on well....just about anything? Thanks! I can get better pics too if need be.


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