My First GainClone Project is under way!

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3 Years! My follow-up is lacking. :bigeyes: :)

Yes, I did manage to tap the circuitry to make a pre-out on my SA-GX505 receiver. The following links were very helpful in figuring it all out:

Commentary on why the SVI 3206 eventually fails in this receiver:

SVI 3206 pinout, linked from the above page:

The site where the pinout diagram originated:

And here is my handiwork:

The connection is very simple. I first removed the SVI 3206 module. After confirming that pins 13 and 15 were the right pins, I wired some RCA jacks to the spots where input pins 13 & 15 go. I hooked my grounds to jumper J609, which is signal ground, conveniently located just forward of the SVI module pins.

This receiver and my gainclone amp make a good pair.
EDIT : OOOPS... I didn't notice this is such and old thread. I HATE THAT!!!

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SVI module substitution??

Hi there newbie here, I'm in the process of substituting an SVI3204 in a not too dissimilar Technics SU-X502 I have found a nice little pre assembled Toshiba TT1943/TT5200 amp module that suits the existing Power supply in the technics but I'm having difficulty finding the input signal ground I have tried using pin 14 from where the old SVI sat but find it extremely noisy can anybody help point me to the actual correct area or possibly pin I should use as finding any info on these SVI modules is difficult.
Hi technogeek many thanks for your reply, I'm thinking both pin 11 and 14 are just both normal chassis ground looking again at this diagram I see pin 9 has a 6v 33uf capacitor to ground and also pin 17 has a 35v 47uf capacitor to ground I presume some sort of decoupling, there must be a separate signal ground, I will try these two and see if any less hum is produced thanks again.
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