My first DIY subwoofer project!

I have lurked for a while and while learning from all the forums.. I decided to build my first speaker... I just finished a week ago and I kept good notes of what it took to a final completed subwoofer.

I just wanted to help people that are trying to decide which route to go. I am very happy with the completed project! The bass is amazingly clean coming out of a $150 subwoofer (Tempest)

Hope you like it. Comments.. bad or good are appreciated!

Julian Brock
my bench goes all the way around the room see..


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Thanks for the kind words. I hope to start my main speakers soon... but I am deciding if I want to build a second Tempest. The difference in the quality of bass from my Tempest and my old sub (10" design acoustics) is amazing. DIY is definitely the way to go.

Oh.. I didn't know what the rules regarding pics but since someone else posted some... here goes:


Julian Brock