My first DIY project is almost complete! I got to hear it.

Last night I was actually able to hear my TL sub for the first time. Although in a vary unfinished state. No stuffing, and my TL is a bit leaky. It was late so I wasnt really able to play with it. I also dont have the amp at the moment, so I was running it off the left B channel on my reciever.

I'm using my old HSU 1201 driver and 12.5" sonotube. As it is right now, it's only 101". When i'm done it will be 110-115".

Short for time right now. After I play with it more i'll let you all know more about how it sounds.



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Played with it a little more. Added 24oz of stuffing to the first 40" of tube. Going to add some more later. So far i'm having fun slipping on different lengths of tube. I really get a kick out of hearing it with no tube at all. Which, you really cant hear anything at all. Then dropping my tube on top and hear the output turn on like a light switch.

I'm not able to fully test them out at the moment. There is a bookshelf that is giving me really nasty vibrations. I thought it was coming from the TL until I moved everything on the other side of the living room and it almost all dissappeared. I do however have some resonations coming from the sonotube. I think it's due to them being loosly slipped together, and lack of any bracing. This sub really does need to be near the front speakers. In front, it sounded as if it was a part of my speakers. The sub was completely invisible. However placed behind me, it didn't have that same effect.

In the future I also my convert this into a tapered TL. I'd do this by constructing a ~4ft cone. It's base being about 1/2 the area of my TL. Then placing it into the terminus and suspending it there.

Perhaps this weekend i'll do some sealed vs. TL comparisons. As I have a sealed cabinet sitting around (.65qtc).