My experience with the tang-band W4-657S 4" Al fr driver.

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I recently picked up a few tb 4" drivers from nuera, for $12.95 I just had to see how they preformed. They looked good on paper, but I didn't expect them to preform as nicely as they did. These are actually really nice drivers, fully shielded, cast Al basket, and they have a pretty big xmax for their size. I have them in a relatively small enclosure (about 7.5l) and I only have the foam at the top near the driver (as well as the tops and bottoms) because I ran out of the scraps I was using. These were meant to be quick and dirty and cost under $50. They were ran full-range and I don't regret not using a tweeter, for their price adding a quality tweeter and then expensive xover parts would of defeated the point of these. Very nice soundstage, and I don't notice them lacking in the highs as I expected (although if they were in a side by side comparison, I probably would, but just listening to them does not give them impression anything is missing). And for the bass, they are definately capable of going lower then the 65Hz spec'd, I get usable bass below 65Hz (not much, around the 60Hz they drop off) which is enough for casual listening to music for me, but testing with the matrix shows they deffinately need a sub to keep up with movies. I built them bass reflex because I didn't want to mate a sub with them and have them sealed, nor did I want them large in a TL enclosure, these were small cheap speakers. All in all, I'm extremely happy with them, I didn't think I could make something that sounded so good for so cheap. Now all I have to do is make a cheap little LM1875 amp for them and I'll have a complete stereo system that I wouldn't mind listening to for extended periods of time for about $100. All need to do then is find somewhere to put them :).


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The Tangbands have a lot of potential. I've been looking at the W4-654S for use in a curved line array with a tweeter in the middle. A MMMMTMMMM if you will. The crossover could easily be first order but curving the array is a MUST. A vertical non-curved array is NOT acceptable regardless of what anyone says. Ok, there is a sweet spot - the ideal place to put your head. The Tangband array in a sealed box with a Qts of .7 would bring the F3 to about 80-90Hz, just perfect for crossing to a sub.
Im intrested it Tang Band 4" drivers myself and would like a comparison to other known drivers...

I want to build an inexpensive HT system that is very musical on the mains. She is now very envous of my speakers and said I could build some--for her.:D

She says she likes the way they "look" Im more intrested in how they sound.

Bill Fitzpatrick, well my main speakers are Vifa MTMs with P17WJ midwoofers and a D25AG-35 tweeter. My vifa MTMs have full baffle-step compensation, a 24db/octave active xover and cost a whole lot more. They have a more full bass, and just sound better. Mind you my tang-bands sound pretty damn good as well (I wasn't putting them down), I'm not good with all those fancy audiophile words, but I still like my vifa MTM more.
Nope, no XO here. As for the highs, they are a little subdued, but it's not noticable unless it's compared side by side with another loudspeaker (in my opinion). I used absolutely no filter, which was part of the apeal with these units, small cheap, no xover, just a driver in a box and it looked nice on paper. In the end I was really happy for the price and my friend who also built a pair (so I could get the price break from nuera) was also very pleased.

seangoesbonk I hope yours turn out nice, I'm actually going to get more of them, for my friend wants a good but cheap 5.1 system, and these are just the ticket for good but cheap.
"As I recall all the W4s are pretty simmilar. If you do go off and try your array I'm sure that driver will be a good pick. I can't stress how suprised I was, it wasn't up to the quality of my vifas, but for the price they are downright amaizing."

Is this the "comparison"?
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